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North Bali Nature



Lemukih Water Falls The stunning Lemukih Trekking Tour is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture and the beautiful nature of North Bali.

The Lemukih Tour is an easy level trekking tour that can be done by both young and old of age. All you need is your love for nature and of course some walking experience. The hardest part may be a track with stone steps that winds down to the waterfalls for about 90 meter (and back).


The Lemukih Tour touches the atmosphere of a jungle expedition adventure. It is organized for small private groups only. The tour is led by Ketut 'Bluey' Ariana, an experienced English speaking trekking guide.

The Trek starts around 8.30 in the morning, when you will be picked up by car at your hotel (Lovina area). The first stop is at the Pura Dalem of Jagaraga, a temple which is famous for its extraordinary stone carvings. After this short stop at the Jagaraga temple you will visit a traditional gamelan instrument factory in the Sawan area, the cradle of gamelan 'gong kebyar' (the popular hectic gamelan music which is heared everywhere in Bali).

Jagaraga Temple Gamelan Factory Sawan

After these two cultural stops the actual trekking starts, when you leave the car with your guide to walk out into nature, following small foot tracks through rice paddies and coffee- and fruit plantations in the rain forest, with spectacular views all along the way.

After about an hour we'll have a short refreshment stop during which you can drink cool, fresh coconut milk, coffee and or tea with sweet Balinese goodies at the house of a local mountain farmer.

Lemukih Jungle Trekking Jungle Trekking in the Lemukih area

Then we will descend via a small track with stone steps that winds down into the valley to trek to the five hugh waterfalls of Lemukih. During this part of the trek you will wade calve-deep through small jungle rivers. Once arrived at the waterfalls there is some time to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you like you can have a refreshing shower here at the waterfalls - so don't forget to bring your swimming suit!

Lemukih Jungle Trekking Lemukih Waterfalls

After our visit to the waterfalls we will climb up again to visit the secluded cottage of a local coffee farmer where you can rest and relax for a while. Here you will also be served a hot lunch with refreshments.

Lemukih Water Falls Sudaji village

After the lunch the last part of the Lemukih trekking tour starts. We will walk through idyllic sceneries to the pittoresque village of Sudaji. Here the car is waiting for you to drive you back to Lovina. Around 4.30 pm you will be back in your hotel.

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