Kalibukbuk is a small village at the north coast of Bali, located ca. 10 km west of Singaraja. Kalibukbuk, originally a farmer's village, is generally regarded as 'central Lovina' as it is here, mainly north of the main road, where you will find the largest concentration of restaurants, hotels, shops and money changers. Most of the local people of Kalibukbuk live in traditional kampongs that can be found south of the main road, the Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt.

Central Lovina - The beach area of the village of Kalibukbuk is general regarded as the 'center' of Lovina as it was here that the first accommodations were built. Traditionally, you will therefore find the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in this area, in particular along the Jalan Binaria (Dolphin Street), Jalan Pantai (a boulevard) and Jalan Rambutan.

Location map Kalibukbuk - Central Lovina

Restaurants of Kalibukbuk - You will find a range of good, western-oriented restaurants with national and international cuisines in Kalibukbuk. To mention just a few, there are Warung Aria, Kakatoa, Café Lumbung, Jasmine Kitchen, Bali Apik, Tropis restaurant and bistro, Waru Bali, Astina restaurant, The Duke, Warung Made, Barclona, La Madre and Barakuda.

Nightlife of Kalibukbuk is found mainly along the Jalan Binaria and the T-junction of the Jalan Binaria with the main road, Jl. Raya Singaraja-Seririt. There are several bar-disco's in this area, among others the 'icons of nightlife' Poco Bar, Zigi's and Kantin 21. Other places to go are Pasha nightclub, VIP Bar, Café Lumbung, Small Bar and, more traditionally, the night warungs of Binaria square.

Binaria Square is located at the end of Jalan Binaria in Kalibukbuk and is landmarked by a Dolphin Statue. You will find some souvenir shops, restaurants and warungs here. Binaria Square is a popular meeting place for local people and, traditionally, a 'must-see' for tourists. Every day as from ca. 4 pm several kaki lima (foodstalls) can be found along the edges of Binaria Square selling food and drinks. These foodstalls stay open until late at night and are frequented by both local people and westerners. The food that is sold here is good and ranges from gado-gado, lumpia's and satays to bakso and nasi campur to fruits, cakes and sweets. Drinks: cool Bintang beers, lemonades, tea, coffee, mixed iced fruit and sweet local drinks. Food prices here range from Rp. 4000 - 8000 per portion.

The beaches of Kalibukbuk still breath a rural atmosphere. The beaches are largely rimmed with palm trees and rice fields, with here and there traditional small, grass-roofed warungs under the trees that border the beach. It is not unusual to encounter chicken at the more quiet parts of the beaches. The sand of the beaches is of a unique, dark color because it is of volcanic origin. Due to the coral reefs the water of the sea is shallow and free of dangerous undercurrents. The water is of an agreeable warm temperature throughout the year, which makes this part of the Bali sea extremely suitable for unconcerned family holidays with safe swimming and snorkeling. There are four main beaches, Binaria Beach, Rambutan Beach, Kartika Beach and Banyualit Beach.

Binaria Beach
is located at the end of Jalan Binaria, the center of Kalibukbuk's nightlife. Binaria Beach is one of the most popular beaches to watch Lovina's famous, romantic sunsets. The best spots to watch the sun set, apart from the beach itself, are Sea Breeze restaurant (west of the Dolphin Statue) and Santhi Bar (east of the Dolphin Statue). A beachside boulevard runs through a treed area and connects Binaria Beach from Binaria Square with Jalan Rambutan and Rambutan Beach.

  Hotels near Binaria Beach:
Sea Breeze Cottages, Nirwana Cottages, Hotel Angsoka, Pulesti Hotel, Nirwana Watergarden.
Restaurants & Bars near Binaria Beach:
Sea Breeze restaurant, Santhi Bar, Kakatoa, Malaiku, Cafe Lumbung, Zigiz Bar, Small Bar, Poco Bar, Taman Bombai, Jasmine Garden, Bali Apik, Kantin 21, Warung Aria.

Rambutan Beach, located at the end of the Jalan Rambutan in Kalibukbuk, is landmarked by dozens of blue-and-white, traditional outriggers. At the edge of the beach, next to a small parking lot near Bintang Bali restaurant and the Tropis Club restaurant-bistro, is a volley field for those who like sports. To the left of the parking lot is a treed area with a walking boulevard which leads to Binaria (Dolphin Square). A small walking track to the right leads to Kartika Beach. Jalan Rambutan is a quiet street with a number of hotels and goods restaurants.

  Hotels near Rambutan Beach :
Rambutan Boutique Hotel, Rini Hotel, Taman Lily's, Rumah Kita, Puri Bali Bungalows, Astini, Bayu Kartika, Sawah Lovina Bungalows, Villa Jaya.
Restaurants & Bars near Rambutan Beach :
Tropis Club Restaurant & Bistro, Bintang Bali, Puri Bali, Semina, Warung Made, Astina, Bali Sugar, Barakuda, Barclona, La Madre, The Duke

Kartika Beach
is bordered by trees, rice fields and farm land, and is certainly the most rural in character. This beach is secludedly located at the end of Jalan Kartika, a small street which runs seaward at the stopping lights that are located at the main road next to the Lovina Bakery. Visitors of this quiet beach not seldom get invited by the friendly, local farmers and fishermen to visit their traditional beach side homes to have some tea or coffee and a chat. Rambutan Beach is reachable from here via a small walking track.

  Hotels near Kartika Beach :
Bali Paradise Hotel, Aryas Villa, Villa Kartika.
Restaurants & Bars near Kartika Beach :
Bali Paradise Restaurant

Banyualit Beach is located at the end of the Jalan Laviana in the most eastern part of Kalibukbuk. Banyualit Beach is one of the more quiet beaches of Lovina. Enjoy a relaxing time at this beach having a tan, a refreshing swim, and have a chat with the friendly locals over a cup of Bali coffee (or a cool beer) at a traditional beach warung.

Hotels near Banyualit Beach :
Mas Lovina, Aneka Lovina, Sunari Hotel, Suma Hotel, Hotel Banyualit, Villa Mango, Hotel Ray, Juni Artha Bungalows, Sartya Hotel, Made Janur, Bali Bayu, Melka Excelsior Hotel, Ayu Bungalow, Bali Panorama, Hotel Marina, Saraswati Holiday House, Mas Bungalow, Indra Pura, Starlight Hotel.
Restaurants & Bars near Banyualit Beach :
Spunky's Bar, Starlight Restaurant, Cokot


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