Surrounded by ancient rain forests which are over a thousand years old, lies the idyllic mountain lake Tambligan in the caldera of a prehistoric volcano. Separated by a treed land bridge you will find, a little higher, Tambligan's twin lake, Lake Buyan.

Explore the ancient rain forest, walk along the grassy shores of the lake and visit the local farmers who grow corn for ceremony purposes only.


Besides growing corn, fishings is another means of living for the local farmers of the only village in the caldera.

In their local, traditional outriggers they regularly sail out on the lake to try their luck.

In the evenings they will roast their catch over low fires on the shores.

Surrounded by the with rain forest treed slopes of the caldera, a quiet and peaceful energy descends on the fishermen.

Especially in the early morning hours the scenery of the lake is like magic, with beautiful soft colors

Experience the beauty of Tambligan yourself

When you are in Bali, try to find the time to experience the wonderful nature of Lake Tambligan and the surrounding rain forests yourself.

Hereunder you will find all information how to book a Tambligan trekking tour, a tour from which you will teturn home with an unforgettable impression of Bali's beautiful nature.

How to book a Tambligan trekking tour

You can book this tour by sending an e-mail to the experienced, English speaking local guide Nyoman.

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